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Alluva Foundation

The Alluva Foundation is a fund focused on supporting blockchain projects across the world. Blockchain is altering, improving, and even transforming varied industries and applications. The Alluva Foundation has been created with a view to support this transformation.

Through its Foundation, Alluva will inject up to $100 million over the years into different projects of the blockchain ecosystem across the world. Every month, a new project will be selected and supported through funding. Upcoming and existing startups attempting to implement blockchain solutions can submit their projects for consideration. Those selected will be notified via the details provided within their applications.

The Alluva Foundation is currently supporting four blockchain companies. Funds deployed are currently at 2%, with 98% of funds remaining to be deployed.

Funds avaliable to be deployed 98%
Companies Supported

Frequently asked questions

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Alluva is a blockchain-based token investment rating offering. A contributor-model product that incentives participants, Alluva brings clarity in the ICO space and helps potential individual and institutional investors explore the best of blockchain technology and startups. Alluva enables potential investors and individual contributors to steer clear of scams, support blockchain products with mass adoption potential, and identify blockchain startups to invest in.
Users offer their ratings on ICOs, STOs and other token investment products that they believe are supported by viable blockchain products. These ratings are combined with other factors crucial to the success of the project (like white paper, founding team and so on). A proprietary algorithm is applied to these factors and a weighted average is reached, which becomes the final rating of an ICO/STO.
User needs to create an account and signup to Alluva. They can then provide ratings on the token project of their choice.
The algorithm behind Alluva identifies who has made a valuable contribution, and these users are incentivised through the allocation of Alluva tokens
Alluva tokens can be redeemed on the many products and services of Oddup as well as other third party products. They can also be sold and purchased on numerous exchanges. Over the next few months, Alluva tokens will be listed on leading global cryptocurrency exchanges
You can create your account after Q2 2019. Further detail will be made available through our social and company media channels.
Alluva tokens will be allocated to users who provide valuable ratings. They can also be purchased from leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Alluva tokens will be available for sale on the following exchanges, at the following dates.
Alluva can be used by individuals who want to voice their opinion on token investments, as well as both retail and institutional investors to gain insights on all, or specific, ICOs and STOs.
Individual users are encouraged to create an account on Alluva and share their stands on upcoming and ongoing ICOs, contributing to their ratings. This activity is incentivised through utility tokens once the users meet specified conditions. Individuals can also utilise the data that Alluva shares to make his/her own investments - small or large, in an ICO that they believe is backed by a good product.
Alluva ensures that institutional investors do not have to rely on unverified information on the potential of ICOs. It provides investors with high-quality information that is supported by weighted data and a carefully designed algorithm. This gives potential investors actionable and high-quality data integral to efficient investment.
ICOs are here to stay, and investors are becoming wary while still being interested in participating in the blockchain landscape. This is the time that the market needs such a resource. Blockchain is picking up and people everywhere are talking about it. Blockchain startups have always relied on ICOs to raise funds. But there is a lot of noise in the ICO and blockchain space, and this noise can make it difficult to bring quality into the sector. Alluva helps individual and institutional investors to accurately gauge ICOs. Alluva will help clear out the noise and apply the quantity of information available in a way that it results in detailed, high-quality information that enables easier investment decisions.
Alluva is supported by a dedicated insights and data team. In the event that anyone wants to know more about one or more ICOs specifically, we can provide such data through a separate contract of service.
You can start ratings ICOs as soon as you create an account on Alluva.

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