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Alluva helps you enter the world of financial analysis, cryptoassets, and blockchain technology at no cost. You can hone your skills, master analysis, and earn without any investment. Leading companies across the globe use Alluva to help understand cryptocurrency better. As an analyst on Alluva, you become instrumental in crypto adoption.

And that is just the beginning.

As the world’s largest analyst marketplace, we’ve got a host of features coming up in the next few months.


Predictive Data

See tomorrow’s prices today with our predictive data model. Understand where assets will be in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 6 months.

Follow Leading Analysts

Follow the most successful analysts and see how they predict tomorrow’s prices, today. Learn from the best as you earn.

Detailed Asset Analysis

Delve into detailed asset analysis of various financial assets that tells you everything you need to know at a glance with our Asset Pages. Subscribe to assets that show most potential and monitor movements closely to make quick decisions.

Asset Purchase

Soon, you will be able to purchase certain assets right on the Alluva platform. Build an entire portfolio on Alluva, and even trade ALV tokens that you win for your insights right on our platform.

New Financial Assets

Get access to even more financial assets as Alluva introduces more cryptocurrencies and more traditional assets over the next few months.

Startups Integration

Startups hold the potential to offer investors and traders returns just like crypto and traditional financial assets. Delve into startups and predict their potential as we integrate startups into Alluva.

B2B Data Integration

Predictive data is precious and can help investors and other corporates take effective decisions in time to stay ahead of the curve. Alluva’s data will be integrated into that of many leading financial companies to aid in this endeavor.

...And Even More!

We’ve got new features being planned as we continue to make sure that your experience with Alluva is flawless and fun. Stay tuned to this space to know what’s in store!

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