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Alluva is building the largest global analyst marketplace!

Alluva incentivizes users for their cryptoasset predictions, and boosts institutional investment in the sector through access to leading analysts for improved market movement understanding.

As an analyst on Alluva, YOU get to predict the future of the market at absolutely no cost, and earn rewards for the right calls. And, you become instrumental in the investment and market analysis activities of leading companies.

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Our Customers

Leading data providers, media houses, and financial institutions rely on data from Alluva's analysts. Alluva’s predictive data is collected and collated from thousands of analysts. It highlights market movements that go beyond forecast models by relying on input from the buyers and sellers of the market and the qualitative weightage of this input.

As a user, you get to influence market movement. As a data customer, you get to see existing and predictive market trends with greater clarity than ever before.

Alluva Rewards Analysis

Predict and Earn

Predict the future of the market. Make your predictions on the price of BTC, ETH and other digital assets for the next 24 hours, one week, one month, or six months. Get rewarded for the right calls, and redeem your rewards against products and services on partner sites, or trade the tokens on leading exchanges. To know more about how to get started, click here.

Follow Leading Analysts

Unsure where the market is going? Follow the world’s leading analysts and see where they think the market will move to. Hone your skills by relying on leading analyst inputs while you earn for every right prediction!

Detailed Price Analysis

Understand how a digital asset is moving with detailed price analysis on all the currencies that are live on Alluva. Get a glimpse on whether your should Buy, Hold, or Sell assets based on our analysts’ inputs and market movement prediction.

A Global Analyst Marketplace

Alluva is growing into the largest analyst marketplace globally. Predict prices of financial assets, follow other analysts, gain your own following, and earn rewards for every right prediction.

  • No investment required to start predicting.
  • Follow leading analysts and learn from the best.
  • Become part of a community of analysts.

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