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Transparency In Crypto Investment And Analysis Reward Through Blockchain

Alluva is Oddup’s blockchain-based cryptoassets rating and prediction offering. A contributor-model product that incentivises participants, Alluva enables crypto investors to earn rewards for their analysis and crypto price predictions. As a free-to-use product, Alluva is ideal for investors who want to expand their portfolio with minimum risk or new investors who want to hone their skills.

Alluva enables potential investors and individual contributors to:

        -Identify crypto market trends and earn rewards for their efforts

        -Develop the skills to accurately analyse crypto prices for improved investment choices

        -Identify blockchain startups that display growth potential for investment

As it evolves, Alluva aims to bring clarity in the current investment space where STOs, ICOs, and cryptocurrencies play an increasingly integral role, helping potential individual and institutional investors explore the best of blockchain technology and startups.

Crypto Community

Leveraging the community of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts for accurate and expansive data, and rewarding them for their insights.


The Alluva DApp and Website App will be free to sign up for and use. Users only have to make correct predictions to earn rewards.

Ideal For Crypto Investors

Existing investors or those who are new to the sector can hone their price analysis skills with Alluva while being rewarded.

Reward System

Users that provide successful predictions over time are rewarded by greater weightage in future ratings and utility tokens.

Enable Mass Adoption

Enabling blockchain enthusiasts to showcase their support for feasible products that hold mass adoption potential.

Oddup Advantage

Combining the benefits of blockchain with the technical expertise and proprietary algorithm of Oddup.

Token economics

Users can obtain Alluva tokens by creating an account and sharing their predictions on different Cryptocurrencies for different periods. The algorithm behind Alluva identifies who has made a valuable contribution, and these users are incentivised through the allocation of Alluva tokens.
Those who wish to trade Alluva tokens directly can find them listed on all leading exchanges.

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Alluva Activity

The Alluva Community is growing every day! Join the increasingly large group of contributors that are improving the cryptocurrency investment space, and earning rewards for their contributions.

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The Largest Rating Network

Alluva leverages the vast knowledge and opinion that experts and potential investors around the world have for each cryptocurrency, as well as ICO and STO. Based on blockchain, it engages the community to predict prices of cryptoassets so as to bring about improved price analysis and predictability, while rewarding the community for their efforts. As it evolves, Alluva will enable the growth of blockchain applications through the blockchain itself.

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Alluva Foundation

Alluva Foundation is a fund focused on supporting blockchain projects across the world. The $100m fund will invest into projects that grow the blockchain ecosystem across the globe. We will invest and support one project every month.

Funds avaliable to be deployed 98%
Companies Supported

Road Map

This Road Map showcases the highlights and achievements of the Alluva journey.

  • January 2019
    Alluva Whitepaper to be released

    Alluva Whitepaper available on alluva.com

  • March 2019
    Alluva to be listed on the first exchange

    Alluva tokens will be available for purchase

  • May 2019
    Alluva Foundation Fund launched

    Alluva will invest in one blockchain project every month

  • June 2019
    Alluva Beta to be launched

    Alluva token holders will be first to access the Alluva app

  • July 2019
    Alluva Ratings mining to commence

    Contributors will start earning Alluva rewards for their ratings

  • August 2019
    First ratings mined tokens to be distributed

    15m tokens to be allocated in first month of Alluva launch

  • September 2019
    Alluva for Institutions released

  • December 2019
    Alluva Leaderboard Released

    Follow the top rated analysts

Our Team

Alluva is driven by a diverse and global team of professionals who believe that blockchain is the disruptive technology that will enable numerous advancements.

Frequently asked questions

If you are unable to find the answer to your query from the list below, please write in to us through our Contact Form.

Alluva is a blockchain-based token investment rating offering. A contributor-model product that incentives participants, Alluva brings clarity in the investment space and helps potential individual and institutional investors explore the best of blockchain technology and startups. Alluva enables potential investors and individual contributors to steer clear of scams, support blockchain products with mass adoption potential, and identify blockchain startups to invest in.
Users offer their ratings on ICOs, STOs and other token investment products that they believe are supported by viable blockchain products. These ratings are combined with other factors crucial to the success of the project (like white paper, founding team and so on). A proprietary algorithm is applied to these factors and a weighted average is reached, which becomes the final rating of an ICO/STO.
User needs to create an account and signup to Alluva. They can then provide ratings on the token project of their choice.
The algorithm behind Alluva identifies who has made a valuable contribution, and these users are incentivised through the allocation of Alluva tokens.
Alluva tokens can be redeemed on the many products and services of Oddup as well as other third party products. They can also be sold and purchased on numerous exchanges. Over the next few months, Alluva tokens will be listed on leading global cryptocurrency exchanges
You can create your account after Q2 2019. Further details will be made available through our social and company media channels.
Alluva tokens will be allocated to users who provide valuable ratings. They can also be purchased from leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Alluva tokens will be available for sale on leading global exchanges, as per the dates highlighted in the Roadmap. Details of upcoming exchange listings will be made available through our social and company media channels.
Alluva can be used by individuals who want to voice their opinion on token investments, as well as both retail and institutional investors to gain insights on all, or specific, ICOs and STOs.
Individual users are encouraged to create an account on Alluva and contribute their ratings on upcoming and ongoing ICOs and STOs and cryptocurrencies launched. This activity is incentivised through utility tokens once the users meet specified conditions. Individuals can also utilise the data that Alluva shares to make his/her own investments - small or large, in ICOs, STOs, and cryptocurrencies that they believe are backed by a good product and showcase long-term feasibility.
Alluva ensures that institutional investors do not have to rely on unverified information on the potential of varied digital currencies, STOs, and ICOs. It provides investors with high-quality information that is supported by weighted data and a carefully designed algorithm. This gives potential investors actionable and high-quality data integral to efficient investment.
Digital currencies, ICOs, and STOs are here to stay, and investors are becoming wary while still being interested in participating in the blockchain landscape. This is the time that the market needs such a resource. Blockchain is picking up and people everywhere are talking about it. Blockchain startups have always relied on ICOs and STOs to raise funds. But there is a lot of noise in the blockchain and blockchain investment space, and this noise can make it difficult to bring quality into the sector. Alluva helps individual and institutional investors to accurately gauge ICOs, STOs, and digital currencies. Alluva will help clear out the noise and apply the quantity of information available in a way that it results in detailed, high-quality information that enables easier investment decisions.
Alluva is supported by a dedicated insights and data team. In the event that anyone wants to know more about one or more ICO or STO specifically, we can provide such data through a separate contract of service.
You can start ratings ICOs as soon as you create an account on Alluva.

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